Mateo Olivera Saavedra

” Junior architect, he has worked in diferent aspects of architecture such as the design and construction phase. He has been part of teams such as 3cero2 in wich he has developed virtual models and renders for Bcapital and Colombiamoda. He is also considered someone capable of designing, conceptualizing and using software such as Rhinoceros 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Grasshopper, Sketchup, among others… He has a great interest in the development of its capabilities on digital tools. His friends considers him as an extroverted and proactive person”

And why Essentia?

Because is everything related to ourselves. When we talk of the essence of architecture we talk about the environment and this through the light, shadow, dimensions, proportions, scale, color, etc … This unconsciously conditions all the experiences of being and living. Our job is to bring unconsciousness to consciousness, as Heidegger said “everything essential, and not only of modern technology, remains veiled
all over (…). That is why, in the field of thinking (Architecture) there is strive to rethink what was thought at the beginning even more initially not with the absurd will to renew the past, but with the sober mood of admire the future of the old. ” As architects, we have the responsibility to know this last substance, intrinsic in each project and in each space that we inhabit, to re-explore what explored and to make architecture an integral area in the known and what unknown. The essence, what is thought as an idea, or as what was already and not ceases to be is an exploration towards the known to formulate new experiences, and a new way of living, more lived, more complete, always responding to the conditions of good living, always adapting to the political, technological, economic, sociocultural and environmental environment.